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Page School Frequently Asked Questions

I like doing activities with my kids: how much can I just teach them myself?

This depends on the child's age/level
  • Intro and Learner levels (Children 9 and under) 50% must be done at official SCA activities which includes events and local meetings.
  • Journeyman (10-12) 75% official
  • Intermediate (13-15) 80% official
  • Scholar (16-17) 90% official

What do you mean SCA-related activities?

Your Page learning to sew, leatherwork, emboidery, or calligraphy counts, making largess, etc. —Doing dishes at home does NOT count towards service, doing dishes after feast at an event DOES.

So Page School teaches classes?

Page School merely keeps track of student’s records. Page School itself does not teach any classes. There are many resources we can point you to for classes at home, in your Barony as well as your Kingdom. If you need assistance finding classes to take, please contact the Dean.

My kid(s) are not interested in martial activities. What can they do to meet the Chivalry requirements?

Your page can research armor and weapons, take classes, and watch martial activities! For a more complete list, see Credit Ideas OR page 19 in the Handbook

How involved must we be to be a part of it?

Page School is what you make of it. The idea is to learn different areas of the SCA and find what interests your child. The more they participate, the more they experience!

Why purple belts?

The purple for the belts comes from the purple in the Page School device. The reason belts were picked is so that the youth in the school can be easily identified, similar to apprentices, squires and proteges can be with their belts.

Why coins?

The coins are a way to track a Page's progress within the school. By sewing them onto the belts it is a way to show the populace the hard work that has been done, and it also resembles a period plaque belt.

Ok, wait. How do the coins work?

We get this one a LOT. Pages 7 & 8 in the handbook explain the hours requirements. Every time your page completes a requirement (your 11-year old spends 2 hours in 4 different Service activities, for a total of 8 hours of service) They earn one coin for that area. If they have completed the entire program they may continue earning coins in each area! We are currently working on building a database for parents to access thier student's submitted hours. Until then, you may track them yourself and inform the Dean which upcoming event you'll be attending so that you may collect the coins your page has earned and sew them on their belt. If you do not know where your page sits with their hours, just send an email to our dean with your page's name and let them know you want to check on thier hours.

What is the Belting Ceremony?

PurposeThis is a formal way to show the youth that they are entered as students within the Kingdom’s Page School. Having a belting ceremony is a way to make sure the focus is on the youth themselves. Besides actually getting the purple belt, this also is a time when they (and their parents) can make sure they understand what Page School is, ask questions and get information.
What happens? Parents and the Dean will set up a time and event for the belting to take place. The youth who are all getting belts gather around the Dean who will say a little bit about Page School addressing the youth themselves and then addressing any populace. Each youth will then be given a belt, notebook, pen and handbook. Youth (and parents) then have the time to ask any questions they might have about Page School. The whole process takes less than 15 minutes.

Why have a fundraiser?

Fundraising is an opportunity to give back to the SCA and Page School communities. It is a reminder that we all have to help support each other and that we are all part of a bigger picture.

Why Mentors?

Mentors can help expand a student’s knowledge and skills. They can be used as a sounding board for ideas or problems. They can listen, give advice and offer encouragement from a more experienced member.

Do I have to stay within the age requirements?

Remember that Page School is about the journey and is not aimed to be finished as quick as possible. A youth can always complete a level multiple times as well to earn more coins and gain more experience. However, it depends on the youth. Some youth are ready to move up before the age requirement. Some youth are not able to to the requirements of the next level yet. Please contact and discuss this with the Dean.
Any, more specific questions about this can be asked on the Facebook Page, or as an e-mail to pageschool@midrealm.org

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