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Page School Adult Helpers

I don't have a child enrolled, but I'd love to help! What are some ways I can participate?


The Mentor does not have to be a Peer, however it should be an adult/s with some expertise in the area of fostering and knowledge of the Pages specialization. Parents cannot be a Mentor for their own children. Mentors are needed for Pages 13 and older. For more information please see the full Mentors Page.


Please Contact Dean of Page School to help with scrolls
This is a recognition scroll, NOT an award scroll.
Royalty does not need to sign, only KMOY and Page Dean Names appear at the bottom.
Wording itself can be totally changed and customized, but please include the basics found in example 2 (minimum). Feel free to have fun with this. Please try to include personal information about the student to make it special and unique for that youth.

Always include a gloss for the Herald on the back of the scroll

Example 1 Be it known to all that (Page Name) has completed the requirements in Midrealm's Page School for elevation to the level of (Level Name). For his/her dedication in the SCA in the areas of Chivalry, Arts and Sciences and Service. For strengthening her spirit in Chivalry with her participation in _____, ______, and ______. For showing his/her enthusiasm in the Arts by _______, _______, and ________. For her devoted Service through ______, _____, and _____. Presented in the court of Their Majesties, __________ and _________, on this #th day of (Month), AS ##, in Their SHIRE/CANTON of BARONY at EVENT. (KMOY Name) Kingdom Minister of Youth
(Dean Name) Dean of Page School

Example 2 - for more unique scrolls where you only have room for basic info:
Page Name
(Level Name) completion in Midrealm's Page School.
(Their Majesties Names)
(date), AS ##
(KMOY Name)
(Dean Name)
*If you do this, please also include a gloss that contains more description of what was done that will be the portion read in court.

Example 3
Let all know that (Page Name) has fulfilled the requirements for the completion of the level (Level Name) in Midrealm's Page School. He/She has displayed Chivalry on the field through _____ and _____. His/Her work in Service was given with _____, _____, and _____ Love of Arts was displayed by ______, and ______.
Presented in the court of Their Majesties, ______ and ______, on this ## day of (Month), AS ##, in (local) at (event).
(KMOY Name) Kingdom Minister of Youth
(Dean Name) Dean of Page School

Event Stewards

Check with your group and see who is a youth (rapier, armored, thrown weapons, archery, etc.) martial. Encourage youth tournaments. Encourage youth teachers! Youth Pointe is important and can be used for a variety of resources, but having youth-centered activities is imperative to keeping them engaged and helpful! Not every youth likes fighting or "arts and crafts". Reach out to your local parents and youth officers. Find out what their kids like! See who can teach a class on medieval games, basic cooking, book making, astronomy, drama. Got a kid who REALLY likes thrown weapons? See if they'll teach a class on it! It *may* be slow going at first, but the more kids are included the more they will want to participate. Communication is key!

More ideas coming soon!!

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