Draco Invictus

Contacts and Calendars

Who to Contact and Where Page School Will be next!


Dean of Page School - THL SæhildR barngóðR “Lady Silly”
Page School Web Deputy Deirdre MakKyneth
Kingdom Youth Officer Lady Artemisia Voltera

Calendar of Events

Events you will find a page school representative for belting ceremonies and other official business

Please contact Dean of Page School - THL SæhildR barngóðR “Lady Silly” at PageSchool@Midrealm.Org if you plan on attending these events so we can make sure we have sufficient belts, coins, and any possible scrolls for all our wonderful pages!

Date Event Time Available Activity
12/14/2019 North Woods Wassail Belting Ceremony, Coins
1/4/2020 Pentamere 12th Night Belting Ceremony, Coins
1/19/2020 Winter Revel Belting Ceremony, Coins
2/1/2020 The Return of Hearld's Pointe and Scribal Collegium Belting Ceremony, Coins
2/22/2020 St. Valentine's Day Massacre Belting Ceremony, Coins
3/28/2020 Pentamere A&S Faire Belting Ceremony, Coins
04/18/2020 It Takes My Child to Raze a Village Belting Ceremony, Coins, Awards
05/15-17/2020 Battle of the Inland Seas Belting Ceremony, Coins


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