Draco Invictus

Page Credit Ideas

Credit Hour Suggestions

Directly from Page School Handbook

This is a general list. Complexity and depth should grow with the age of the Page. This list is not all inclusive. If you need more ideas for your level, please contact a youth officer or the Dean. Classes should be age appropriate.

Arts and Sciences

  • Classes - take a youth class, teach a class, take an adult class with a parent, or on your own if you are old enough
  • Gaming - learn and play period games, make your own game board, teach others
  • Dance - learn a dance, perform a dance, teach a dance
  • Performance - learn and recite a poem, write a poem, perform in a play, juggle
  • Music – research period music from many cultures, learn a song and perform it, make a period musical instrument, play a piece from period, attend a live performance of period music
  • Pottery – make a pinch, slab, coil, thrown pieces, learn about glaze, kilns
  • Costuming – research period clothing from different times and places
  • Glasswork – lampwork, glassblowing, stained glass
  • Sewing – learn how to use a sewing machine, hand sew, make fabric buttons
  • Fiber – card weaving, tablet weaving, drop spinning, spinning wheel
  • Learn ranks, titles and forms of address for those in the SCA
  • Read - a book about knights/castles/medieval life and share the information
  • Museum - attend a museum exhibit about Medieval Ages, pick your favorite medieval piece of art and try to recreate it, study the medieval artists
  • TV - watch a documentary about the medieval ages
  • Languages - find words you do not know from a period source and define them, learn parts of a period language
  • Draw or paint - a picture about medieval life
  • A&S display/faire/competition - attend and ask artisans questions about their displays, enter into the display
  • Chainmail – make a piece of chainmail, research different chainmail patterns
  • More - metalwork and jewelry, heraldry, persona, calligraphy & illumination, bardic, coining, carving, headwear, papermaking, leatherworking, cooking


  • Working in a kitchen – dishes, prep, cleaning, plating
  • Work A&S competition – be a runner, hydrate the entrants
  • Serving feast
  • Set-up or clean-up crew for an event, for feast, for a specific area of an event
  • Working at heralds table – help with research, coloring
  • Herald – make announcements at events, carry messages, run errands, fetch items
  • Helping at the list table
  • Service to a person (for example Royalty, the event steward, troll) at an event
  • Work a shift at guard duty
  • Retain for Royalty or Territorial Baron or Baroness
  • Help with a class
  • Work refreshment area at an event
  • Assist a royal Peer, help clean up after event/feast
  • Meet another youth your age and discuss the SCA
  • Pack all your own supplies for an event from a checklist from an adult
  • Assist a rider with equestrian
  • Score on the equestrian list
  • Score an archery tournament
  • Herald or be ground crew on the equestrian list


  • Armor – research armor and weapons in Medieval Ages, assist a fighter in putting on armor
  • Combat – participate in youth combat
  • Rapier – participate in youth rapier
  • Equestrian – participate in, research horses – what are famous horses in history/what do they eat/ how to care for them, safety on the list, groom a horse, research spurs/stirrups, what are the parts of horses, how to use weapons safely around horses, ride a horse
  • Archery – participate in, learn the parts of an arrow and bow, different types of bows, safety on the list, participate in a tournament, research famous archers
  • Siege weaponry – research different types of siege weapons
  • Thrown weapons
  • Research and/or attend classes about military history, tactics, and other related martial/military subjects
  • Watch an armored battle and have an adult explain what is happening
  • Talk to and learn from three different Knights about the Code of Chivalry

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