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Welcome to Page School

So, what is Page School?

The purpose of Page School is to promote the education of youth, ages 17 and under, about the SCA and the Middle Ages.
  • To provide opportunities for our youth be involved, pursue interests, gain knowledge, develop skills, and serve in positive ways that give them direction and a sense of achievement.
  • To enable the youth to follow their own dreams within the Kingdom in order to foster a lifelong interest and involvement in the Society.
  • To teach chivalry, honor, responsibility, courtesy, leadership and history.

Once your child is registered, you may begin tracking their activities: Service, Martial, and Arts & Sciences.

All the neat details can be found in the Page School Handbook

In the registration form, there is a spot asking for the next few events you're child will be attending. Part of Page School is a belting ceremony, not too dissimilar from apprentice/protege/etc belting ceremonies. They will receive a special purple belt that distinguishes them as a Page School student. They will also receive a notebook for tracking their hours and opinions on the activity they participated in. YES! You may start tracking their activities before the ceremony begins! Once they are registered, they are in!

Why should we do Page School?

Sometimes you love the first thing you do in the Society and unless encouraged to explore other aspects you might not discover the multitude of opportunities it has to offer. Page School helps give youth opportunities to see a variety of ways they can be involved in the SCA throughout their lives.
Retaining, teaching classes, helping equestrian setup, seige weaponry, making announcements, etc. The opportunities are nearly endless and yet, not always obvious. There are rewards as well. For the special belt, you will recieve coins along your journey as you complete categories, signifying your knowledge and commitment to the Arts & Sciences, Chivalry, and Service. There is also a scroll you can earn, signifying completion of the levels. While you may only complete each level once, you may continue earning coins in the various areas until you age up into the next level.

How old does my kid need to be?

ANYONE under the age of 18 may register! The ages are broken down into categories, these titles carry no precedence.
• Child Division (0-6 years) is the Intro level.
This level is meant to introduce youth to the SCA and all it can offer. We ask the youth to “try everything”. Whether it’s dancing, archery, helping on the list field, or assisting with a feast. The goal of this level is to give the youth a broad understanding of the SCA. This level is geared towards younger children and an adult should accompany the youth while they earn credits.
• Youth Division (7-9 years) is the Learner level.
The focus for this age group is on learning more about what interests them. This group is similar to the Child Division but with less parental involvement* and focused on the youth getting more involved. (*Note: youth policies still apply)
• Junior Division (10-12 years) is the Journeyman level.
The goal of this age group is to start learning about a path of interest in either A&S, Service or Chivalry. In this rank you will learn the basic fundamentals and skills of the Middle Ages and the SCA, including history, protocols, and behavior.
• Teen Division (13-15 years) is the Intermediate level.
Now that you have picked an area of concentration in Page School, this age group will progress by building upon the fundamentals and expanding on skills and knowledge.
• Young Adult Division (16-17 years) is the Scholar level.
This is the final chapter in Page School. This is the culmination of learning as a youth within the SCA. This goal of this group is readying themselves to become adults within the society and are expected to refine their skills to near-adult levels and to exercise leadership in their chosen area.

How do I sign up!?

Please register using Google Form Registration

I've Signed up. Now what?

At events, demos, even meetings, have your youth track their activities and time spent. Check our Calendar at the link below for belting ceremonies and contact our Dean to let her know you'll be coming! Meanwhile, start reporting everything your youth has already done at the Credit Hour Reporting form.

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