FAQs About Page School

If you haven’t yet, please view the Midrealm Page School Handbook

Does Page School teach classes?

No. Page school is not a system of classes, it is a system of tracking participation. Your youth can take any class youth are permitted in, participate in or watch martial activities, or help out with serving (volunteering) and you report the activities. Page School tracks and rewards those activities.

When do we participate? Local meetings? Events?

Any official SCA function counts. Local meetings, interkingdom events, guild meetings, etc. Some of the work can even be done at home with mom and dad teaching.

I like doing activities with my kids: how much can I just teach them myself?

It depends on their level. For example, the Intro and Learner pages can do 50% of their lessons at home and 50% at official events or meetings, but Journeyman and higher levels need 75-90% of their work done at official functions.

My kid(s) are not interested in martial activities. What can they do to meet the requirements?

Participation is not necessary! Viewing can be counted also. Watching a tournament or a practice for different martial activities counts. Researching medieval techniques could be counted for this as well, or could count as A&S (but no double dipping please ^_^ )

How involved must we be to be a part of it?

That’s up to you! We feel that the more active a family is, the more enjoyable it becomes, but everyone has their own needs and commitment levels. Page school’s mission is to help your youth find their own path in our educational game. The more involved and active, the easier it is to find that path, but you can only do what you can do. The important thing is to have fun!